DebbiJoy Muller is a Biokineticist who specialize in a range of exercise therapy from professional sports conditioning, muscular discomfort, orthopedic rehabilitation, fitness assessments, weight loss and conditioning, and chronic illness management;


It is of critical importance that athletes train

in a scientific, specific, and dynamic manner

that replicates their natural environment. This

means the targeted exercises must simulate

the variables out on the field as closely as possible, which are not found in simple weight training.” - DebbiJoy Muller

DebbiJoy prepares both sportsmen and women for competition by targeting specific areas that may be weak, as well as making sure all training and techniques are done correctly, to prevent sport-related injury due to over-straining.

DJMB provide services for a plethora of sports, including but not limited to;

1. School and professional level: rugby, swimming, cricket.
2. Specialized sports: motocross, surfing,

horse riding.

3. Leisure sports: golf, bowls.

  • Evaluate posture and movement patterns.

  • Determine potential movement compensations.

  • Test for over dominant and weakened muscles (all body segments).

  • Restore and correct findings by improving muscle imbalances and bad habits.

  • Sports specific targeted strength optimization and coordination enhancement.



In most cases, lower back discomfort is a result of weakened abdominal core muscles. This is something that can be improved. Any aches and discomfort are indications that something is out of alignment. Sometimes the postural muscular neck and lower back discomforts can be relieved by posture and muscle imbalance correction, and scientifically targeted exercise.” - DebbiJoy Muller

​DebbiJoy's focus is on rebuilding the abdominal core as well as the muscles of the affected area, by a process of highly specific stretching and strengthening. She provides services for back and muscular discomfort to people of all ages.

  • Evaluate posture and possible muscle imbalances.

  • Work on releasing the muscles which may be overcompensating.

  • Restore the firing pattern of weak or dormant muscles.


All joints have specific local stabilizers that protect the joint in movement. The problem is that these stabilizers shut down when the joints are constantly placed in an extreme range, or if there is pain. We then have to realign the joints and retrain these stabilizers to work correctly. Once they are alive and functioning, we

integrate the muscles to perform within more dynamic movements.” - DebbiJoy Muller

DebbiJoy specializes in final phase exercise rehabilitation, whereby the injured joint and surrounding muscles are assessed and worked on to restore strength and stability.

She provides prevention and treatment of orthopedic injuries, as well as sports injuries i.e. lower back, shoulder (impingement/rotator cuff tear), tennis elbow, hip (sciatica, trochanteric bursitis, hamstring tears), knee (replacements, ACL, ITB) and lower leg/ankle (shin splints, ankle instability).

  • Evaluate posture and movement patterns.

  • Determine potential movement compensations.

  • Test for over dominant and weakened muscles (all body segments).

  • Formal motor skill training.

  • Functional progression.

  • Sport/gym specific training.


Debbie Muller Biokineticists, Biokinetic-Services, Fitness Assessments

DebbiJoy Muller Biokineticist facilitate the following medical aid endorsed fitness tests;

  • Discovery Vitality.

  • Momentum Multiply.




The Vitality Assessment is an easy fitness test that determines how fit you are and the areas requiring more focus. The higher your score the more points are awarded.

  • Body composition measurements: height, weight, circumference, skin-folds.

  • Fitness step test.

  • Flexibility.

  • Strength test.

  • Health and fitness report.


Debbie Muller Biokineticists, Biokinetic-Services, Weight Loss & Conditioning

DebbiJoy also specializes in weight loss and conditioning methods, through which she's skilled in training the correct muscles and with the correct techniques for each activity. This ultimately increases force and power and optimizes energy utilization.

This service includes:

  • Body composition (skin-folds fat %).

  • One-on-one and group training.

  • Goal establishment.

  • Motivation.

  • Eating habits.

Debbie Muller Biokineticists, Biokinetic-Services, Weight Loss & Conditioning


Debbie Muller Biokineticists, Biokinetic-Services, Chronic Illness Management

A chronic condition is a human health condition or disease that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects with time. The term chronic is usually applied when the course of the disease lasts for longer than three months." - DebbiJoy Muller

DJMB concentrates on helping to improve and maintain quality of life for as long as possible for sufferers of long term conditions, or degenerative diseases, through lifestyle changes and prescriptive exercises. 

DebbiJoy provides a comfortable and professional atmosphere whereby the individual is educated to achieve this goal.

  • Evaluate history and lifestyle.

  • Test body composition.

  • Blood pressure monitoring.

  • Determine potential movement compensations.

  • Restore and correct findings by increasing and improving the physical activities of daily living.